5 AI Assistants that will make your PC smarter for free

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AI assistants have become a vital tool for many individuals in recent years. They can help with various tasks, from scheduling appointments to performing complex search queries. The best part is that many of these assistants are entirely free. Here, we will explore the top five free AI assistants for PC you can find in the market.

Google Assistant

Google is the most used search engine globally, and many of us are familiar with Google Assistant. This virtual assistant is available on most Android devices, smart home devices, and personal computers. If you use Google services, this AI assistant is incredibly powerful, as it can integrate seamlessly with other Google apps and services, such as Google Calendar, Google Keep, Gmail, and Google Maps. All you need is to sign in with your Google account to activate the Assistant.

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You can use voice commands with Google Assistant to complete tasks such as setting up reminders, sending messages, and even shopping on Google Express. Furthermore, Google Assistant can communicate with other smart devices in your home, including light bulbs and thermostats. Suppose you're looking for an AI assistant that can help manage appointments and keep track of your needs when you're on-the-go. In that case, Google Assistant is an excellent choice for you.


Cortana is a virtual assistant developed by Microsoft and is available on almost all Windows devices. It comes with various capabilities that could help enhance your daily routine. Additionally, it can also connect with other Microsoft services such as Microsoft Office apps and Windows 10 to provide you with a more personalized and tailored experience on your PC.

You can use Cortana to manage your daily tasks, such as setting reminders, taking notes, and accessing your calendar events. It can also help you stay organized with your emails and provide you with useful suggestions as you work. Suppose you are a Windows user and are looking for an AI assistant that can integrate with your other devices seamlessly. In that case, Cortana is the ideal choice for you.

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Amazon Alexa is one of the most popular virtual assistants out there. It was designed primarily for Amazon Echo devices, but now it's also available on your PC. Alexa brings hands-free convenience to your home or office and can control your smart home devices, including thermostats, light bulbs, and security cameras.

One of the unique features of Alexa is its ability to order anything from Amazon Prime for you or add products to your shopping cart. Additionally, it can provide you with music playing on your computer, daily news, and weather updates. Alexa can also learn and adapt to your preferences, and you can create routines that automate various tasks and shortcuts throughout your day. For those who own an Amazon Echo device or are heavily invested in Amazon services, Alexa is the go-to assistant for them.


Siri is Apple's virtual assistant that's available on all Apple devices, including Macs & PCs. Siri can help you perform various essential tasks and control your desktop computer with voice commands or by using the Siri button on your keyboard. With Siri, you can quickly access crucial information, including your calendar, weather, and other Apple apps like Apple Music and Photos.

Siri can help you perform many tasks such as setting event reminders, making calls on your iPhone, and searching the internet. It's also capable of providing you with personalized recommendations to simplify your workflow. Additionally, you can also configure Siri to control smart home devices and automate your daily routine. For those deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem, Siri is the ideal assistant.


Hound is a relatively new AI assistant on the scene and comes with several unique features compared to other assistants. Hound aims to help you get the information you need as quickly as possible and provide intuitive responses to natural language queries.

With Hound, you can perform searches for restaurants, make reservations, and access a range of useful information quickly. Additionally, Hound is incredibly fast and can help scan through information at a speed unmatched by other assistants. Suppose you're looking for an AI assistant that's capable of completing faster search queries and providing you with speedy results. In that case, Hound is the best choice for you.

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The Conclusion

Choosing the right AI assistant for your personal or work life is now easier than ever, with a range of top-quality free options available. Each of the AI assistants mentioned above is excellent in their way, and each one has its strengths and weaknesses. If you're struggling to keep up with your workload, then AI assistants can become a game-changer for you and your productivity.

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