Conquer the World: The Ultimate AI Map for Civ 6

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Civilization 6 has become one of the most popular strategy games around, thanks to its complex gameplay, exciting civilization-building objectives, and challenging AI gameplay. One of the most crucial decisions in the game is choosing the right map to conquer the world. In this curated guide, we will explore the best maps for AI in Civ 6, and equip you with the knowledge to rule the world.

Small Continents Map

The small continents map is one of the most popular choices for AI gameplay. As the name suggests, this map features smaller continents, which increases the odds of interactions with other civilizations. This can make the game more exciting and unpredictable than other maps.

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One advantage of this map is that you can easily control the resources on your continent without worrying too much about other civilizations occupying your land. This map is particularly useful if you prefer to play defensively and build up your forces before attacking other civilizations. Another advantage is that you can quickly build up trade routes with other civilizations, providing a steady stream of resources to your nation.

One disadvantage of this map is that it can be harder to expand your empire, especially if other civilizations dominate other continents. You'll need to maintain a strong navy to be successful on this map. Another challenge is that the dense structures of land masses can cause some civilizations to get crowded out unless they are aggressively expanding.

The best strategy for the small continents map depends on your playstyle. If you prefer a defensive game, concentrate on creating effective defensive positions to repel enemy attacks. If you're more aggressive, try to occupy other continents early on, and use your navy to control them.

Pangaea Map

The Pangaea map is another popular choice for AI gameplay. Pangaea refers to a giant supercontinent, meaning all civilizations are on the same primary landform. This map is one of the most well-balanced Civ 6 maps, providing excellent opportunities for resource acquisition.

One advantage of this map is that it enables you to build a powerful civilization on a single continent, without having to worry about naval attacks from other civilizations. Additionally, the heightened proximity of all civilizations increases the likelihood of conflicts and warfare, which may appeal to you if you prefer a more action-packed Civilization VI experience.

The primary disadvantage of this map is that it can be harder to control resources since every civilization is on the same landmass. This often leads to more aggressive competition for resource acquisition with other civilizations, and strategic positioning of your forces is important. The crowded structure may also make it challenging to expand quickly.

For the Pangaea map, the best strategy is to have the capability to defend your position while simultaneously being able to launch successful attacks against your enemies. Playing defensively may work well if you can dominate and control the continent's resources, but you'll be better poised for victory if you have a strong military and go on regular offensives.

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Terra Map

The terra map is unique in that it features a single supercontinent surrounded by vast oceans. All civilizations begin on the supercontinent, and players can explore the unknown worlds beyond the ocean. This map is an excellent choice if you want to experience exploration and adventure.

The primary advantage of this map is that it offers ample opportunities for exploration and expansion. Additionally, since all civilizations start on the same continent, there is ample time to build up an army before attacking other civilizations. It's also possible to establish relationships with neighboring civs before moving out beyond the continent.

The main disadvantage of this map is that it can be tough to acquire resources, particularly in the early game. Therefore, it is essential to develop a well-thought-out strategy that takes into account the potentially scarce resources. Your success will heavily depend on how effectively you can explore and colonize beyond the initial supercontinent.

The best strategy for the terra map is to build up your civilization and navy quickly, establish and maintain friendly relations with neighboring civilizations, and set sail for new worlds periodically.

Continents Map

The continents map is probably the most familiar type of map in the Civilization franchise. It has multiple land masses, each of which contains a mix of resources and civilizations. This choice is best suited for players who want to create great cultures and histories, with plenty of opportunities for conflict and diplomacy.

One of the main advantages of the continents map is the chance to shape your civilization's identity and culture. Furthermore, due to there being no real center or defining landmass, there are more varied strategies for success than on some other maps, particularly in the early game.

The primary disadvantage of this map is that the civilization's distribution can sometimes cause opportunities for aggressive expansion to be scarce. Additionally, naval warfare is often a necessity to handle island nations or reach other continents, and without a navy, your abilities may be limited.

There are many strategies viable for the continents map, such as building up a massive empire or forming diplomatic alliances to dominate other civilizations. Whatever strategy you choose, controlling resources, and keeping neighborly relations pleasant is vital to success.

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In the end, the best map choice for you will depend on your preferred playstyle, aspirations, and interests. Nevertheless, all of the maps we've discussed in this curated guide are fantastic choices for AI gameplay. They offer a wide range of scenarios, considerations, and challenges that will keep you entertained for hours.

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