Rev Up Your MSFS 2020 Journeys with These Top-Rated AI Traffic Add-ons!

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As a flight simulator enthusiast, you know that the immersive experience depends on factors such as weather, landscapes, airports - and, all-importantly, traffic! Realistic AI traffic augments the challenge and authenticity of any flight. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 includes its own AI traffic, but to truly step up your game, you won’t want to miss out on the community-sourced options and AI management tools.

The Best AI Traffic Add-Ons for MSFS 2020

The MSFS 2020 community has been hard at work creating AI traffic add-ons to enhance the in-game experience. Here are some of the top add-ons to improve the appearance, variety, and performance of your AI traffic:

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World of AI

World of AI offers an extensive library of AI models and liveries, covering hundreds of airlines and aircraft. The World of AI add-on installer integrates seamlessly with MSFS 2020 and delivers some of the most detailed and realistic AI traffic to fly alongside.

AI Flight Planner

For those more interested in managing and scheduling their AI traffic, AI Flight Planner is the solution. This tool enables users to create AI flight plans by retrieving and using real-world schedules. AI Flight Planner also allows users to edit and adjust any element of individual flight plans or complete schedules.

Traffic Global

Traffic Global is one of the most popular and comprehensive AI traffic packages for MSFS 2020. With the combination of realistic flight paths, military and general aviation traffic, and a vast array of liveries, Traffic Global offers a customized experience for users who want to have full control over what appears in their virtual skies.

Community-Sourced Solutions

In addition to dedicated AI add-ons, the MSFS 2020 community also delivers a wealth of user-created AI traffic models and liveries available for download from numerous websites and forums such as Avsim, Flightsim, and Simviation.


AVSIM is the largest library of user-created content for MSFS 2020, and their collection of AI traffic models is no exception. While some models focus on larger airlines such as Delta or American, others introduce more niche liveries such as flydubai, Georgian Airways, and more. is Microsoft’s official partner for download content in the game. This website has a vast collection of user-made AI traffic to both domestic and international airlines and aircraft. also offers community-made mods, tools, and scenery enhancements for MSFS 2020.

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AI Traffic Management Tools

For those who want to have complete control over their AI traffic, or perhaps manage the performance and density, several third-party applications are readily available.

AI Manager

AI Manager is a simple utility that provides users with a customizable and easily navigable interface for changing their AI traffic's density. This tool also allows users to remove any unwanted traffic or modify real-world airline schedules by adding or removing specific flights on specific days.

Lorby-Si AI Bridge

Lorby-Si AI Bridge is a must-have tool for MSFS 2020 users who want to use third-party AI traffic packages such as World of AI or Traffic Global. This tool allows for seamless integration and communication between user-created AI traffic and the simulator itself.

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In Conclusion

For a complete and immersive flight simulation experience in MSFS 2020, realistic AI traffic is critical. While the game provides its own AI traffic, with add-ons, user-created liveries and models, and traffic management tools, you can bring an even higher level of authenticity to your flights. Try out different AI traffic solutions to find the one that works best for you and your preferences. Remember, finding the right balance between performance and realism takes time, so be patient and enjoy the ride. And if you're looking for a reliable and efficient content generator to enhance your blog-writing experience, give a try with our free trial!

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