Unleash the Ultimate AI Army: 5 Best MK11 Builds for Unstoppable AI Fights!

Unlock the secrets to unstoppable AI battles with these 5 unbeatable MK11 builds - get ready for the ultimate gaming experience!

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Mortal Kombat 11 has taken the gaming world by storm, bringing in impeccable graphics and thrilling gameplay. The game offers hours of entertainment and challenges every player to keep leveling up. One of the most challenging aspects is taking on AI-controlled characters. As you go deeper into the game’s modes, you will come across opponents that are practically unbeatable unless you create a winning AI build.

Understanding the Importance of AI Builds in MK11

The AI can make or break your gameplay experience, especially when it comes to tough battles. An effective AI build can give you an edge over your opponent, while a poorly curated build can result in a string of frustrating losses. That's why it's essential to put some effort into creating the best AI builds for MK11. With a bit of knowledge and some practice, any player can learn to craft AI builds that stack up against even the toughest opponents.

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The Best AI Builds for MK11

There are several MK11 AI builds that players can use for different modes or characters. Each build has its advantages and unique features that can help win the game. We've curated the five best AI builds that every gamer should have in their arsenal.

Balanced Build: Perfect for Most Battles

The balanced build is versatile, making it the most popular among all AI builds in MK11. This build has an equal distribution of the three types of abilities – Rushdown, Kombat, and Kounter. It provides a perfect blend of defense, attack, and counterplay options, making it ideal for most battles. The balanced build is effective against most characters and can help you win even in challenging AI situations like Towers of Time.

Zoning Build: Ideal for Range Battles

The zoning build is perfect for characters with projectile abilities, including Jade, Cassie Cage, and Skarlet. It equips your AI with zoner skills, such as ice balls, fireballs, and rockets. This build creates a distance between your character and the opponent, giving you an advantage to attack while keeping a safe distance from the opponent. The zoning build is perfect for those struggling with range battles, allowing you to dominate the opposition from a comfortable distance.

Rushdown Build: Effective for Aggressive Gameplay

The Rushdown build is ideal for characters like Jax, Johnny Cage, and Liu Kang, who can rapidly close the gap between themselves and their opponents. It equips your AI with rushdown abilities, such as combos, setups, and crushing blows. This build emphasizes aggressiveness, allowing your AI to dominate the game by swiftly closing the gap and attacking before the opponent can react. As the name suggests, the Rushdown build's focuses on quickness, thus perfect for those who want to play aggressively and dominate the game.

Grappling Build: Ideal for Close Combat Battles

The Grappling build is perfect for characters who excel in close combat, like Geras, Kotal Kahn, and Terminator. It equips your AI with grappling abilities such as grabs, throws, and counters. This build emphasizes close-range fighting, allowing your AI to take advantage of critical moments, Where the opponent is not protected to attack. The Grappling build is ideal for those who prefer to deal with their opponents in a close-up fight and take charge of the battle's momentum.

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Creating AI Builds in MK11 on your own

Creating your own AI build in Mortal Kombat 11 can be challenging, given factors like attributes, abilities, and skills. Fortunately, the game offers players several ways to create custom AI builds, including:

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Competitive Mode

Competitive mode is ideal for players who want an authentic AI build experience. It provides players with guidelines on how to set up attributes, skills, and abilities, in one build. You can create and save up to five builds using the scoring system provided.

Practice Mode

The practice mode is perfect for players to experiment with building AI from scratch. It allows the player to access all the skills available and curate a unique AI build that suits that character. In practice mode, players can take one character against another and try out various combinations until they find an AI build that’s effective.

Towers of Time

The Towers of Time allows players to create an AI build on a case-to-case basis. It offers users an opportunity to experiment with different AI builds on different adversaries. The Tower Of Time requires the player to curate the best AI build suitable for that specific fight and prevail against the AI opponents.

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