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Say goodbye to writer's block and time-consuming content creation with our cutting-edge AI Blog Generator!

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Simply enter any topic you have in mind, be it marketing blog articles, cover letters, or any other content you need.

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Within a few seconds, you can get high-quality, plagiarism-free, and SEO-optimized content that's ready to be published.

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Take advantage of the power of Zaps and Texta to automate your workflow and maximize your efficiency. Save time and boost your conversions.

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Boost writing speed, streamline web navigation, and enhance communication with Texta's AI-powered tools for optimized productivity and efficiency.


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Create Engaging Blog Posts without Spending hours Researching and Writing.

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Effortlessly Generate Impeccable Letters Utilizing Natural Language Processing Technologies.

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You Asked.
We Answered.

The answers the most frequently asked questions.

Is the Article Writer template free like the other short-form blog templates?

The Article Writer is completely fresh and available at no cost! It allows you to create every section of your articles, starting from the introduction to the conclusion, in less than a minute. Your content is automatically saved, and you have the option to modify the generated results, copy and paste them onto a website, or even publish them directly online. You'll no longer need to juggle various templates for different sections of your articles!

Who is the AI content writer for?

Texta's AI content writer is designed for creators, marketers, small enterprises, agencies, marketing groups, and individuals seeking to streamline their writing processes and expand their marketing efforts. It assists in generating and revising content more efficiently, enabling the creation of high-quality, distinctive content that differentiates itself. This becomes particularly valuable in situations of time constraints or when there's a shortage of resources to bring in a permanent copywriter.

What can write for you?

Utilizing our AI writer, you have the option of selecting from a wide array of many templates, facilitating the swift creation of both extensive and concise content. The extensive content generator enables the composition of complete blog posts with minimal input of ideas. Meanwhile, our compact content generator empowers you to craft text for a wide range of purposes, encompassing brand and product descriptions, social media captions, YouTube titles, Google advertisements, SEO content, and more. Furthermore, with Texta's AI writer, you can perform a plagiarism check to guarantee the authenticity and uniqueness of your content.

Can I use the AI writer with a free account?

Texta's AI content writer is accessible to all our users, including both those on the free and paid tiers. Nevertheless, there are constraints imposed on the quantity of text that free users can generate each month. For free accounts, the limit is set at 2,000 words per month. Conversely, paid accounts offer the flexibility to produce anywhere from 300,000 to 1,200,000 words under our 'Pro Max Plus' plan. To explore the full spectrum of our pricing plans, please visit our pricing page.

What is your refund policy?

We provide a "7-day-trial" with full access and free option with limited features for our users, enabling them to experience Texta's fundamental features and make an educated choice. Regrettably, we do not have a refund policy in place. If you find your current plan unsatisfactory or require a modification, you have the option to either switch to a lower-tier plan or temporarily suspend your subscription to prevent future charges

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