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Elder’s new album, “Innate Passage,” is a mix of heavy sounds and ambitious ideas.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels

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Elder’s new album, “Innate Passage,” is a mix of heavy sounds and ambitious ideas.

The borders between prog and metal have always been porous, as Massachusetts-formed (and now Berlin-based) quartet Elder clearly understand.

The magic of Innate Passage lies in how lightly the group wear their instrumental mastery.

There’s precious little showboating or self-indulgence, the wild flourishes always in service of the drama, the moment.

DiSalvo’s harmonious, high-register vocals are a key element of Innate Passage’s characteristic graceful power, though the lyrical concepts are vaporous to the point of being superfluous.

However, the group’s riffs offer a lucid narrative of their own.


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