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Sarah Johnson
Business Owner
Web Copilot

Answer complex queries, scrape data and enhance web searches with AI.

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Condense, digest, and understand web content rapidly
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Transform your writing style with ease using Paraphrase

How It Works

Harness the power of Texta's Chrome extension for rapid content generation, smart email responses, and effortless text customization.
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Utilize the AI-powered chat feature to inquire about anything on any website directly. Don’t google, just ask!
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Transform your Web Experience and Writing Workflow
Boost writing speed, streamline web navigation, and enhance communication with Texta's AI-powered tools for optimized productivity and efficiency.

Boost Writing Efficiency

Save time and boost productivity with Texta's AI-assisted writing tools. Write faster, enhance the quality of your content, and avoid errors.

Navigate Seamlessly

Navigate websites seamlessly with Texta's web copilot features. Perform efficient searches, summarize web content, and overcome language barriers.

Improve Communication

Communicate effectively with quick and professional email responses using Texta's writing assistant. Craft compelling and error-free messages.

Achieve Remarkable Results with Texta Chrome Extension.


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150,000+ Happy Customers
Texta helps thousands of people like you create content in just one click. Marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs choose Texta to automate and simplify their content marketing.
Heather S.
Sole Proprietor

Time Saver is easy to use and simplifies daily tasks. The output is superior to other AI generation systems.

Pramod R.
Content Writer

TEXT.AI is one of the BEST AI tool available today for content creation

Thanks to, I can feel confident that the articles I produce will be of a high standard and professionalism.

James T.
Content Manager

Great content generator

This AI is surprisingly good. It is easy to create new content, and it is so much cheaper than hiring a professional writer. The AI can produce text in any language, which is a huge advantage for any company that does business internationally.

Sharmin P.
Executive director

Satisfied! is amazing! I can't believe how much it has helped me improve my writing. It's so easy to use, and it really makes a difference. I would recommend it to anyone!

Shamik H.

The Best Article Writing SEO Tools Ever!

I'm a big fan of Texta Ai. It's an excellent tool for writing articles. I've used many writing tools, and Texta Ai is one of the best.

Brett W.
Director - The number one AI content generator!

Writing is hard, right? With, you're free to write in your own voice, not someone else's.

Jacob J.

Awesome Product!

I am very satisfied with Texta.Ai. I was amazed by the quality of the writings and I recommend this tool.

Gio P.

Life can be easier with this blog writing buddy

Texta is a lifesaver! It's packed with features, including 50+ already-made copywriting tools that will help you create the perfect piece of content in no time at all. It's super easy to use, just describe what you want to write and press "Create," and you'll have a nice written piece of copy ready to go!

Hikmet G.

Easy to use easy to customize

Really easy to use and very high potensial to customizing the generated text. I recommend this tool for everyone.

Greg N.
Internet Consultant

You'll never have writer's block

Texta gets you content. That's it's job! We take that content and then edit. You will definitely produce more good quality content if your using something like Texta to help you.

Nahida R.
Search Engine Optimizer

Super easy to use and saves a lot of time!

The generated articles are longer than 1000 words-that is great for me! And also has a control over word limit-that helps too! But the most useful feature for me is different blog generation template, such as- how to, top 10, guide, fitness, health and wellness, etc.

George Z.
Content Creator

Great Software. Highly recommended!

Love the SEO Management Feature. Every Writing Assistant must have this feature.

Hemanta S.
Assistant Professor

The only AI Content Writing Tool you may rely on long form of content can help you save time and write better content. By using its AI-powered platform, you can easily write articles that are more engaging and valuable to your audience

Scott B.

Create the right content for the right person

I have had a great experience, as the tool has made me a better content creator.

Tony G.

If your on the fence buy, buy, buy!

To my amazement, it was one of the most natural-sounding and informative articles I ever wrote.

Em E.

A tool that will help you create high-quality articles is an all-in-one platform featuring an AI-powered content writer. The software is easy to navigate and easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. The quality of the content it generates is fairly good and has all the writing tools and templates that can take care of all the content writing work.

Tess W.

The Best AI Writer on the market for SERIOUS writers

The main problem being solved is the production of content in volume! I have six websites and need to make sure they all have fresh/relevant content. Literally, this is the first time I feel caught up after only using this software for a very short time.

Tiago M.
System Analyst

Fantastic AI Tool!

The AI tool works very well. I highly recommended this amazing tool.

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