How to Embrace the Principles of BNWO in Your Daily Life

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In recent years, the principles of Black Nationalism and the concept of the Black New World Order (BNWO) have gained significant attention. The principles have taken root in movements such as the Black Lives Matter protests, and the growing popularity of black-owned businesses and organizations. For those interested in learning about BNWO, it's important to understand the principles and how to embrace them in everyday life. This blog post aims to provide a guide on how to do just that.

1. The history and origins of BNWO

The concept of Black Nationalism dates back to the late 19th century when prominent leaders such as Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. Du Bois advocated for the social, political, and economic independence of black people. The term Black New World Order (BNWO) was coined in the early 2000s by writer and philosopher Marcus Garvey Jr. He used the term as a response to the shortcomings of the existing political order in the United States, which continuously marginalized and oppressed black people.

BNWO understands that the inequalities faced by black people are a product of the current social, economic, and political systems. Therefore, it is essential to create a new world order that prioritizes the needs and interests of black people. Key principles of BNWO include self-determination, political power, and economic independence.

2. The core principles of BNWO

Self-determination means that black people should have the power to control their own destiny. This includes control over their communities, institutions, and resources. BNWO advocates for the creation of autonomous regions or nations where black people can exercise their self-determination and govern themselves.

Political power is another core principle of BNWO. It calls for the creation of an independent black political entity that would represent black interests and address the systemic injustices faced by black people. The entity could take the form of a political party, movement, or organization. The goal is to create a platform for black people to have a voice and participate in the political process.

Economic independence is the final core principle of BNWO. It advocates for the creation of an economic system where black people can control and benefit from their resources. This includes the establishment of black-owned businesses, cooperatives, and financial institutions.

How to incorporate BNWO in everyday life

Now that we understand the principles of BNWO, let's look at how we can incorporate them into our daily lives.

In conclusion, BNWO principles aim to address the systemic injustices and inequalities faced by the black community. Adopting these principles can help us create a new world order that prioritizes the empowerment and liberation of black people. Incorporating BNWO principles in our daily lives through self-education, supporting black-owned businesses and organizations, and promoting equity and inclusion is a good starting point. Let us all work towards creating a better world for the black community.


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